Antalya Airport Rent a Car

Rent your car by pre-booking now

As Koştur Turizm, we are with you for Antalya Airport Rent a Car service as always. We deliver the service they need to our passengers coming to Antalya from Turkey and abroad directly with the quality of Koştur Turizm. Regardless of day and night, weekdays or weekends, we are working to serve you 24/7.

How can I make a reservation?

While creating a holiday plan for the tourism paradise Antalya, Koştur Rent a Car you can use to find the most suitable vehicle for you is just a click away. Just choose the most suitable vehicle for you from our fleet and make an online reservation. So "What am I going to do after I get off the plane?" You don't have to worry.

Online booking

When making your reservation on our sites, it is enough to indicate on the form your arrival date, flight number, flight company and the landing time of your plane. You can also specify if you have any special requests. As an extra, baby seat, navigation, etc. You can also choose services. In line with your reservation information, we confirm your reservation after our friends contact you.

Book by phone

By contacting us 24/7 via our phone number +905324848435 We confirm your reservation after specifying which model vehicle you want on which dates and sending all relevant information. We meet you at the airport and drop you off at the airport on the return date.

How does the car rental process work?

We confirm after you make your reservation. We bring the vehicle to you on the reservation date, sign the contract, deliver the vehicle and receive the payment. We check and take delivery on your return date.

What documents are required?

There are only a few documents that you need to have with you for Antalya Rent a Car service. These documents; ID (passport for foreign customers), driver's license and credit card. With these documents you have with you, we fill in the contract form and you sign the contract after checking the vehicle.

How can I make the payment?

We do not require a pre-booking deposit. We collect the entire vehicle payment from you on delivery. After that, you go exploring Antalya. Renting a car is that simple!

What should I do in an emergency?

During your vacation, you can send us all your questions about the vehicle through our 24/7 emergency numbers;

Our vehicles are open 24/7 to meet your needs and comfort. We hope that you will complete your holiday in a healthy and safe way, but our vehicles also have insurance and insurance coverage so that you do not have any problems when you are faced with a possible negative situation. In case of a problem, you need to reach us at the numbers above. In such cases, an alcohol report and traffic report showing zero blood alcohol must be obtained.

How does insurance & automobile insurance work?

As is true all over the world in the functioning logic of insurance companies in Turkey are 2% exemption. This means that; In cases where you are 100% at fault, the insurance company will not cover up to 2% of the vehicle value. In this case, all responsibility belongs to you.

General rules

There must be an alcohol report and traffic report.

Damages that are your responsibility

While parking, we can list situations such as crash, rubbing, paint scratches, tire, glass, headlight damage.

In cases of mutual damage

In case of mutual damages, if the counterparty's fault rate is higher, its insurance or motor own damage company will step in and cover all costs, of course, in return for correct and complete documents. If your defect rate is high; you are responsible for 2% of the vehicle value. Companies are involved in the remaining costs.

How can I make vehicle delivery?

Very simple! You tell us when your holiday is over, as the date and time, and we come to the terminal where you are at the airport and check the vehicle and collect it from you.

As Koştur Turizm, we are at your side in Antalya Airport Rent a Car services. We are always ready to assist you to provide the most suitable tool you need for a peaceful holiday.

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