Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the Documents Required for Renting a Car?

    You can apply with your ID, passport, driver's license, credit card issued in your name.

  • How long is the minimum rental period?

    The minimum rental period is calculated as 2 days.

  • How Does Insurance and Car Insurance Procedures Work?

    There is a 2% exemption for our vehicles. 2% of the vehicle's insurance is the responsibility of the user. In case of any damage or accident, you must inform our company from authorized phones and act according to the instructions received before moving the vehicle. The police must report the accident and alcohol. In such an emergency, you can reach us from our 24-hour emergency numbers. (+905324848435 | +905325013711 | +905303900770 | +905495130624 | +905335130624).

  • What Are The Situations Within the Scope of Motor Own Damage and Insurance?

    In case of non-report damage, damages caused by drunk driving, driving by persons who are not authorized outside the contract; All damages arising from valet, service in case of malfunction, parking personnel driving the vehicle are not covered by insurance and motor own damage.

  • What is Driving License and Age Limit?

    The person who will rent a car must be at least 25 years old, have a 4-year driving license and be an active driver.

  • Do I Have to Pay Now?

    No, payment is made by cash or credit card on delivery.

  • Who belongs to Traffic Fines, Highway and Bridge Crossings?

    Traffic fines, highway and bridge illegal crossings belong to the lessor. Even if traffic fines come later, the tenant has to pay.

    Highway crossings

    HGS transitions

    Speed ​​violation on the highway

    Wrong parking on the highway

    Penalties for not obeying officials and signs

    All penalties for misuse

  • Are there OGS-HGS in vehicles?

    Most of our vehicles have HGS devices (for automatic crossings for highway bridges) and are priced according to the renter's request. The user has to write down the pass information. He has to pay the usage fee to the authorized person in the return of the vehicle.

  • What Are Your Services Included In The Prices?

    All costs not caused by misuse, vehicle maintenance and insurance are included in the prices.

  • What Are Your Services Not Included In The Price?

    Extra charges such as fuel, bridges and highway charges, traffic fines and insurance, drop fee, baby seat, navigation device, additional driver, private driver and Value Added Tax (VAT) are not included in the price.