Limak Lara and Antalya

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Limak Lara and Antalya

Limak Lara and Antalya

Limak Lara Hotel, located in the Lara town of Antalya, welcomes its guests in a luxurious comfort frame. In addition, Limak Hotel, which is located in various towns of Istanbul, Ankara, Yalova and Antalya, continues to serve its customers at many points. Limak Lara Hotel draws attention with its all-inclusive family holiday village concept. It attracts the attention of the guests and pleases them because of the warm hospitality and services, as well as the all-inclusiveness. Limak Lara hotel, which has 6 types of rooms, has standard, economic and family rooms. You can enjoy your holiday by taking advantage of the rooms you prefer according to your needs. Economy rooms are more affordable than other rooms, as well as high-level services like other rooms. However, if you care about spaciousness and spaciousness, it would be better to go for standard and family rooms.

In addition to these, when it comes to suites, there are 3 suites; Junior Suite, Grand Suite and Deluxe Jacuzzi Suite. Junior Suite rooms have a bedroom, bathroom, terrace and jacuzzi. The luxurious Junior Suite also has a sea view. As for the Grand Suite, it is a larger room compared to the Junior, and it is more spacious because it has a larger capacity for one person. Likewise, it has a bathroom, terrace, jacuzzi and an extra living room. Deluxe Jacuzzi Suite, one of the most luxurious and magnificent rooms of the hotel, will meet all your needs. There is a large jacuzzi that will take all your stress away in the Deluxe Jacuzzi Suite room, where you will feel as if you were at home due to its very spacious interior. You can choose Limak Lara Hotel to spend your holiday in comfort!

Limak Lara Car Rental

Even if you decide to stay at the Limak Lara Hotel, you will need a vehicle to provide transportation in such a big city. Koştur Rent a Car, which comes into play at this point, is running to your aid. In addition to being one of the most well-known car rental companies in Antalya, Koştur Rent a Car is a company that does its job safely by keeping customer satisfaction ahead. You can rent your vehicles with the assurance of Koştur Rent a Car, the prominent name of car rental!

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