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Rent a Car Kemer

Rent a Car Kemer Koştur rent a car, one of the most important tourism centers of Turkey and Antalya Kemer also rent a car service in one of the.Kemer Antalya 40 km away from the small village of Turkey, 1980, while in the last two years ' li from the drop-down is one of the most important Turkish Tourism with many plants a year Center has become one of the districts.The arch is based on the date of the first People by 690 Bc., like the sea blue, from taking güzellikleridir forest green, pine trees grow in size and also as canopy this pine ağaçlarınız on beaches, you experience the different impressions to everyone.Date güzeliklerin at the beginning of the most important cities of ancient Olympos and phaselis is in the first place.Other sources of wealth, pools, beaches, resorts, the caves tourism is quite more.The yacht marina and the turizimde an important place in the belt to 320.Kemer County is home to many events throughout the tourist period, World Rally Championship, art activities, belt of-shore races at various times provides a lot of benefits to the region by editing the social and touristic angle.

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