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Antalya Airport Beldibi Transfer

Antalya Airport Beldibi Transfer Antalya City Center West of 25 km away. Beldibi today "Olympos Beydaglari Shore National Park" is located in the tip of up to four thousand acres of Reis Akyarlar slim ova. The plain East of the mountains to the sea, very steep and Cliff creates the form of falezler. One hundred fifty years ago are completely covered with oak forests and then three family placement, pitched from special to the Anamurdan of networks has been a neighborhood based on the population increased Belt muhtarlığına. Located at the head of the Lake on Kocasu source immediately next to 30-40 acre land spread across the ancient city's ruins a Marma. The area is covered with forests, often remains. A portion of the ancient architectural remains are located on a large rock mass of slope. There is much more information because the excavation and research in the city. The only thing known is because of yağmacılıkları century B.c. with the neighboring Phaselislilerin army, wintering in Phaselis, pass 3 by Alexander cezalandırıldıklarıdır. is ward in 1973 and then in 1994, the nature of the location, citrus products, Town walk paths, picnic areas, tourist facilities and a day trip around the shopping centers today.

Distance: Antalya Beldibi distance 50 KM Estimated time: Beldibi Transfer 60 Min
Antalya Airport » Beldibi Transfer Prices
Beldibi  Transfer                    Vehicle Person Price
Auto 1 - 4 35 €
Minibus 5 - 6 40 €
Minibus 7 - 8 45 €
Minibus 9 - 14 50 €
Vip Minibus 1 - 6 50 €
Transfer prices only for one way, the prices are not for per person includes vehicle.

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