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Antalya Airport Belek Transfer

Antalya Airport Belek Transfer Many formerly 23 hanede 52 women and 49 men 101 inhabitants known as the village of Belek, Tisalya refugee from Bosnia. Tisalya muhacirlerin Başyiğittir memleketteki villages name. Tisalyada çoğalamadıkları a bedduaya and the single-hearted unity of the peasants to leave their name and the name of the old sandbox which they are quiet (Belek) has remained as the name of the village. Later years settled in this village Yörüklerde. The village is located on one side of the approach to the sea where the Acisu "sea side is completely sandy and whose Kadriye. There are excellent views. The leaked water from around the kurumayan. göçlükler even type Çamıdır ekserisi peanuts pine forests. Fundalıklarla are covered. Increasing. Mücahirler click here to purchase housing. Land is not conducive to the ziraata and tedricen it from the adjacent Eminceler köyünle. land partnership We owe the public's living through numerous tobacco. Home haflıları fertilizer with breeding and fragrant tobacco cultivate muvaffak. Sığırlarının forest with animals free and other villagers in a mixture of the best double öküzü this village yetişirdi. Later the old reputation. Acisu, creating a "so to speak and so deep that dalyan sea fishes very yummy because of mahfus. Folk tourism up living through fishing, cotton and its own gardens in gelişinceye they pepper, tobacco. Some of the cut is the animal husbandry activities. Belek with its unique forests on the shores of the Mediterranean "is quite different with a tourist paradise. Belek was discovered in "in the natural beauty of the 1984". And have been declared as Belek tourism Center. Belek has been Carried out in 1999 out of the village. in 2004, is divided into two in the area. Filled with pine forests, the other in the area in the Mediterranean area of the pine Quarter. If you want to arrive at their own finance Belek Antalya Antalya City Terminal and there you can train to passenger vans proceed from here. Belek Antalya city centre and is on the road between the Side. The nearest airport, serves the city of Antalya. 37 km.

Distance: Antalya Belek distance 33 KM Estimated time: Belek Transfer 40 Min
Antalya Airport » Belek Transfer Prices
Belek Transfer                    Vehicle Person Price
Auto 1 - 4 35 €
Minibus 5 - 6 40 €
Minibus 7 - 8 45 €
Minibus 9 - 14 50 €
Vip Minibus 1 - 6 50 €
Transfer prices only for one way, the prices are not for per person includes vehicle.

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