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Antalya Airport Finike Transfer

Antalya Airport Finike Transfer Finike arid summers and warm, Mediterranean climate, provision is already in progress and rainy winters. Important 75% falls in November, December, January, February, annual precipitation average of 958 kg/m2. Maximum rainfall months December and January aylarıdır. At least the chance of falls in the July, August. This months no chance does not fall over the years. The annual temperature is 18.7 degrees ratio was. The hottest month is July (average temperature 27.8 degrees) is the coldest month is January (average temperature 12 degrees). Came to dominate the wind at North-Northwest istikametidir. About average speed is 7 km behind the high mountains on the coast and the sea is Our relative humidity is high because the% 67,4. This summer the temperature to be felt more and aşrı up. During the summer season; June, July, August, September and October months of sea water temperature is on average 24 degrees in summer, usually in relation to the initiative already hoofbeats plants will dry. Mountains resisting maki, are covered with pine and other plant covers. The Forks River, the source of the Akdağ Finike drinking water provision and an important resource for the County due to the plain of the watering. Also passing through the plain, the two arms of the sea in Finike Acıçay. Finike County civil space 655 km2 (655.000 acres, 65,500 hectares) of the total of 28 km Beach coastline.

Distance: Antalya Finike  distance 116 KM Estimated time: Finike Transfer 2,15 Hours
Antalya Airport » Finike Transfer Prices
Finike Transfer                    Vehicle Person Price
Auto 1 - 4 70 €
Minibus 5 - 6 80 €
Minibus 7 - 8 85 €
Minibus 9 - 14 95 €
Vip Minibus 1 - 6 95 €
Transfer prices only for one way, the prices are not for per person includes vehicle.

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