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Antalya Airport Side Transfer

Antalya Airport Side Transfer Antalya-Alanya Highway 72. After returning from the South, the road 6 km km of today's most recognized tourist destinations to Side. Side up-to-date is undoubtedly in 1947 from the University of İstanbul, late Prof. Dr. Arif Müfit Mansel and only periodically held the remains of the Roman Empire maintained the excavation and onarımlarla.

Distance: Antalya Side  distance 80 KM Estimated time: Side Transfer 60 Min
Antalya Airport » Side Transfer Prices
Side Transfer                    Vehicle Person Price
Auto 1 - 4 40 €
Minibus 5 - 6 50 €
Minibus 7 - 8 55 €
Minibus 9 - 14 65 €
Vip Minibus 1 - 6 65 €
Transfer prices only for one way, the prices are not for per person includes vehicle.

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