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Antalya Airport Alanya Transfer

Antalya Airport Alanya Transfer Surrounding cafes and bars during the evening Harbor Harbour along the crafts, leather, clothing, jewelry, handbags and kabaklarının are sold with water colors interesting speciality boutiques. If you like to explore caves, then you must see Damlataş cave. The cave is located near the Ethnography Museum. By boat you can reach three other caves: the phosphorous cave with its phosphoric rocks, girls cave (kýzlar Cave), where pirates held their women prisoners, and lovers cave (aþýklar Cave). Located 15 km east of Alanya Dim Age Valley is the ideal place to relax in the cool shadows. A swim all the coasts of Sun, sea, sand paradise full of Alanya.

Distance: Antalya Alanya distance 130 KM Estimated time: Alanya Transfer 100 Min
Antalya Airport » Alanya Transfer Prices
Alanya Transfer                    Vehicle Person Price
Auto 1 - 4  55€
Minibus 5 - 6 65 €
Minibus 7 - 8 70 €
Minibus 9 - 14 75 €
Vip Minibus 1 - 6 75 €
Transfer prices only for one way, the prices are not for per person includes vehicle.

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